Kale My Name: A Chicago Vegan Restaurant

Kale My Name is a vegan restaurant in Chicago offering delicious plant-based cuisine that is sure to tantalize taste buds and satisfy even the heartiest appetites. The menu features an array of vegan dishes, from appetizers to entrees, including vegan pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, tacos, and more. Kale My Name also has a juice bar where you can find various juices, smoothies, and shakes. All of the dishes are made with fresh, organic ingredients and are completely free of animal products, making them safe and healthy for vegans to enjoy.

Kale My Name was one of the 4 vegan restaurants we visited on our weekend trip to Chicago. It was our last stop on our way back to good old Wisconsin. We stopped around 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. There were a few people but it was definitely not overcrowded. The restaurant did get pretty full about an hour later though.

This little restaurant is so cute. Decorated with vintage furniture and decor, the atmosphere adds to the cool experience!

Kale My Name even has Tea Parties that you can reserve with friends. The party includes tea, snacks, cocktails, and cookies and costs $35 a person. This would be a great idea to catch up with friends!

Mac Balls

Holy Mac Balls! My husband and I saw these on the menu and had to try them! These are huge fried mac and vegan cheddar cheese balls served with a side of vegan ranch! This was a fantastic appetizer. Everything about it was great! Crispy outside with perfectly cooked and seasoned mac and cheese inside. The ranch dipping sauce was so good too.

You get 4 mac balls with your order. They are a good size too, but if you just can’t get enough, you can add one to your order!

Combo Tacos

I am a huge taco fan and a huge combo platter fan! When I saw you get 3 different tacos with this order, I had to have it. The combo tacos come with one jackfruit taco, one seitan taco, and one avocado taco. Out of the 3, my favorite was the avocado taco. I’m not a huge fan of jackfruit, so that was my least favorite.

The taco combo came with chopped Kale, chipotle Aioli, pico de Gallo, lime, and a side of black beans and chips. It was the perfect filling meal.

Big Daddy Special

OOOh the Big Daddy! Just look at that monster of a sandwich…or roll…or fun on a bun! Whatever you want to call it, it’s fantastic!

This was my husband’s meal. Another picture that I could not capture before a bite was taken! Of course I had a few bites myself. The Big Daddy is 2 Beyond sausages in a bun with grilled onions, mustard, and relish.

I am a huge fan of Beyond sausage, it is by far my favorite plant-based sausage. Let me tell you, one sausage would have been enough for this roll, but when you’re hungry, you’re hungry I guess!

I really loved this sandwich (roll, fun…whatever)! Of course it was filling, but it tasted so good too! My husband also really enjoyed it. The Big Daddy came with fries, but you could upgrade to a different side like quinoa, kale, or Greek fries if you want.

More Menu Items

Kale My Name has a pretty large menu including a lot of delicious-looking cocktails. Here are some of the other items on the menu:

  • Cauliflower Wings
  • Sliders
  • Nachos
  • Cheddar Broccoli Soup
  • Ceasar Avocado Wrap
  • Beyond Tacos
  • Flatbread Pizza
  • Cheesecake
  • Dessert Nachos
  • Milkshakes
  • Pina Coloda
  • Bloody Mary
  • Mojito

Kale My Name Prices

I would say Kale My Name is about the “middle of the road” in terms of pricing. Their appetizers range from $8-$15. Their main meals are from $10-$18. And their cocktails are $10.